">And the greatest of these is…

  1. Dee Cannon Says:


    I really needed those words tonight. I know that God lead you to send them.

    Rember me in your prayers,


    Dee Cannon

  2. Cindi Joseph Says:

    Great reminder Geri! Keep it up!

  3. Barb Christing Says:

    What a great reminder of the importance of love and reaching out when God lays it on your heart. You continue to amaze me as you step out in faith into new and sometimes scary realms. You truely are a gifted writer.

    Love you,

  4. Kay Chambers Says:

    Geri, God’s love IS so amazing. Thank you for this touching reminder.

  5. Joy Crugeiras Says:

    It is in our greatest desperation that God is able to manifest Himself so clearly. Love is God, and God is love! 1John 4:16
    Thanks Geri for showing me love, when I need it most.

  6. Monica Wilson Says:

    Geri, Thank you for sharing a wonderful, practical lesson on faith, hope and love! I am so excited that you are leading a Bible Study group. God has blessed you to do this and I am glad you are stepping out in faith!

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